#AccountaClub Friday, September 28, 2018


accountaclub-woodIt’s #AccountaClub time, and it’s going to be a short one today. All of my energy this week has gone into the farce of a confirmation process for Brett Kavanaugh. As a woman, watching women debased at the highest echelons of government, while male Senators rage about the indignity of even considering women, is pretty difficult to handle.

I was disgusted by every one of their red faces yesterday, decrying the very notion that they should have to listen to Dr. Blasey Ford before handing over a seat on the Supreme Court. As though it were Kavanaugh’s birthright to ascend; his destined throne; his predetermined crown.

Gilead isn’t so very far away.

So obviously, no, I didn’t get much editing done. I will count my live tweeting every single minute of both hearings as an accomplishment, though.

I’ve done another full week of live Daily Burn workouts, and that is the extent of what I have to report. I hope you had a better week, though I understand if you didn’t.

How did it go?

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A Perk of Prime I Didn’t Know I Had


For the last week or so, I’ve been taking advantage of a perk of  Amazon Prime I didn’t realize was there. Among the shows and movies you can stream through Instant Video, there is a collection of exercise videos.

Here they are, in case you are curious.

The collection is heavy on Jillian Michaels, though I haven’t tried any of her videos yet. Somehow I think a Jillian Michaels yoga video would be somewhat less than peaceful. There are several from Denise Austin, who never fails to make me smile, as goofy as she is, and her workouts do work. And I’ve now discovered Billy Blanks Jr., son of Billy Blanks, inventor of Tae Bo. His workouts are fun, intense if you put in the effort, and leave you wanting to do them again, if only to get the moves right.

There’s a lot we focus on as writers, most of it centering on the area from our brains to our fingertips. But moving, getting blood flowing, distracting yourself from the completely cerebral with the physical is essential to overall well-being and productivity as a whole.

So why not take advantage of something that’s already there? On the other hand, full confession time, doing these videos prompted me to purchase five more (all under $6 each for the DVDs), so maybe that was the point all along.

Oh well. Can’t wait to see what I cue up for today.

Have a minute? Watch this video.

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