Waiting with Bated Angel’s Breath


Yes, I know this book is the second in the series. The first is also available from Amazon and is the best price of all, free, but since it’s not Free Book Friday, here we are. We’re very strict around here. Also, I liked this cover, so there’s that.

Angel’s Breath: The Second Book of Fallen Angels by Valmore Daniels. Amazon for $2.99. Angels’ Breath: The Second Book of Fallen Angels

My name is Richard Riley. All I ever wanted was to lead a normal life.

When I was younger, I made some bad choices that ended with me in prison. I served my time, and now I am trying to put my life back together.

But someone has framed me for a crime I didn’t commit. They want me dead, and they’re willing to kill my friends and family to get to me.

Even as I try to save the people I love, a dark and ancient power grows inside me. I can feel its anger rising.

If it gets away from me, it will rip everything in my life apart.

– Fallen Angels –
Book 1 – Angel Fire
Book 2 – Angel’s Breath
Book 3 – Earth Angel
Book 4 – Angel Tears
Book 5 – Angel of Darkness (forthcoming)