And Then This Happened


So yesterday I wrote about starting Writing 5. That’s not happening today. Life takes some wild, unexpected turns, and yesterday held a hairpin one.

The sketch comedy writing I’ve been doing is at Chicago’s famed Second City Theater. Yesterday, a restaurant next door to the theater caught fire, destroying the Second City offices, and possibly many of the classrooms, though that part isn’t clear. Although looking at some of the pictures from the Chicago Fire Department in this article, it looks like the conference room where I had Writing 1 and Writing 4 is likely ruined.

It’s sad to see those hallways, those escalators we so casually went up and down — before class, during breaks, after class for drinks — coated in rubble. There’s the corner near that glass balcony where my classmates and I would stand and chat; now it’s coated in soot.

Reportedly there were some injuries, though, thankfully, apparently all minor. But I definitely did not expect to miss class because something so awful had happened to a place so iconic.

So hopefully we will kick off this odyssey next week, but in the meantime, I wish all the amazing people at Second City trying to make the best of a terrible, unexpected situation well. It’s clear that the one thing that wasn’t damaged in the fire was the Second City spirit.

Yes, that was cheesy. And yes, it still had to be said. I stand by my cheesiness.