#MondayThoughts: Already?!


Hard to believe it’s already Monday. And harder to believe it’s nearly August. But you already know time and I have a tenuous relationship.

It’s gloomy today, it might be raining, I can’t really tell, and I’m not sure where, exactly, the weekend went. I’d like to meet the week with renewed enthusiasm, but I haven’t had enough coffee and I still have to empty the dishwasher.

Such is life.

And since I have not much to report while waiting for my brain to reboot, I’m just going to share this tweet that made me laugh aloud.

Have an amazing Monday.

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The Continuing Story of Jane Storegoer and the Cone of Evil: Part 5


freezer(Parts 1-4; they start from the bottom!)

“Vegania?” Barry said, a hint of moisture gathering along his sprinkles.

“Yes,” said the Grand Fermenter.

“But Vegania is far lower, under the Permafrostbitten Layer of Perpetual Freezerburn.” Barry’s voice quavered with more than the cold.

“Vegania has grown and conquered many lands, including The Space of High Turnover.”

“What the heck is a Vegania?” Trying to get the sauce off of her hands, Jane ran her hand along the cardboard below her. Until, like some kind of organic soy-based superglue, the thinned stickiness stopped her hand dead. She was stuck.

“Ignorance. Such shocking ignorance.” The Grand Fermenter wiggled his spear in Jane’s direction. “But little can be expected from one so reeking of…animal-based products.

Jane tried twisting her hand to loosen it, but it stayed put. She made a mental note to check out the box so she could use the sauce for her next glue-based emergency.

“Look here, Grand Fermenter. There hasn’t been any official notice about your kind encroaching–”

“Silence, dairy-based creature!” He blobbed his way closer. “Surround her! You will be taken to the Cruciferous Florets where you will be sentenced for having the audacity to wear those shoes.”

Jane put a little shoulder and arm into it, but still couldn’t pry her hand from the cardboard. “These are synthetic,” she said.

“I know,” said the Grand Fermenter. “They’re just awful.”

“Gotta agree there,” said Barry.

“Seriously, Barry, what is your problem?” Shifting all of her weight to the side, Jane tried to yank her palm away from the floor.

“That you were trying to eat me, maybe?” The ice cream topper on Barry’s cone cocked itself to the side as it raised a single cookie crumb eyebrow.

“You were going to eat him? EAT him?! A sentient dairy creature?” The Grand Fermenter’s olive eyes folded a fraction, giving the effect of them narrowing. He straightened his stovepipe hat with indignation, leaving it more askew.

“In my defense, I had no idea of that at the time.”

“Advance!” the Grand Fermenter jabbed the spear upward, as upward as possible as his semi-solid fingers tried to control it. The other Tofurati glopped their way to Jane, their spears more or less pointed at her, some more, some less.

“Well, this didn’t turn out the way I expected,” said Barry, making sure it could see the goings on without the danger of being in asparagus’ reach.

As they got near enough for her to smell the hint of chili in their sauce sheen, Jane, with one final, massive pull, heard a slow rip. Her hand was up, yes, but now attached to a jagged blade of cardboard.

She looked at the approaching Tofurati, looked at her hand, and smiled.

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Better Living Through GRAVY Starts with B


And the best part about it is that it’s free! OK, sorry about that, I think posting Dr. Seuss yesterday put me into some kind of rhyming fugue state. Normally, I only post free books on Friday (and sadly, F falls on a Monday so I’ll have to think of something else). But the A-to-Z Challenge doesn’t beckon normal.

By the way, It’s also available at  Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

gravy3Better Living Through GRAVY and Other Oddities by Isa-Lee Wolf. Amazon for FREE. A quirky collection of seven short short stories, each about 1000 words or so. All strange with a light dusting of sci-fi, these quick reads offer a brief escape into imaginary worlds with fun, excitement, and possibly a laugh. Or two. Three might be a stretch.

Warning: If a woman calling herself “Aunty Ida” approaches you and offers a solution to your problem, doctors recommend running. Quickly. Whatever direction she’s not in.

Caution: Don’t try any of the proposed solutions at home, as they’ve been found to be scientifically absurd.

Note: Imaginary animals may or may not exist. How should we know?

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