Take Your Brain for a Metaphorical Walk


I like puzzle games, the kind where you have to figure things out, whether it’s how to escape a surreal different dimension, opening doors to nowhere, or cracking out of rooms you’d never enter in the first place. They’ve even honed my problem-solving skills in the real world.

There was the time years ago when I couldn’t open a window because the handle to turn the radiators on and off was in the way. I looked at it, realized it was a screw and turn the handle until the window could easily swing open. They can also help you to think of taking advantage of regular items in irregular ways, like a recent use of a too-sharp dental pick/scraper to clean out gunk from a dishwasher arm.

Like our bodies, our brains need exercise. We need to test them; we need to keep them flexible. Sure, these games aren’t for everyone, but to keep our minds sleek and agile, we have to do something that tests the bounds of usual.

After all, the corner of creativity is unconventional thinking.

And you never know what taking a brain break might spark. It’s like getting up and walking around every hour, but for your head. Getting the old circulation going.

You do what works for you, but just as you keep your body healthy, you’ve got to use it or lose it when it comes to your ability to think creatively. Why not do it with something you find fun?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a virtual box to open.

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#1LineWed Fun!


So I recently discovered the #1linwed game, where, following a theme, you tweet a line. It’s a lot of fun, not only as a prompt, but to see what others are writing. So I’m going to post some of my favorites so far today.

There is a theme (I didn’t realize it the first time), which, today, is “late.” Come play on twitter! I’ll post my own at the bottom.

I reserve the right to update this post as the day goes on, so feel free to check back, if you are not twitter inclined. If you want to find me on twitter, I’m right here: @IsaLeeWolf. Some of these might not fit the theme, but I still enjoyed them. I also discovered how easy it is to add tweets to a post.

And here we go!

And mine, in order (thus far):

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Phone Games Aren’t the Best for Productivity


I downloaded a new game for my phone. In the words of Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman,” Big mistake. Huge.

I’m totally addicted.

Like most games that suck you in and keep you distracted from all you should be doing, it’s simple. You press a group of two or more matching blocks, and try to clear them before one of the columns fills up. Easy, right?

Only, of course it isn’t. I don’t even know what my highest score is, it’s just too addictive, and around and around I go, matching up pigs and frogs and pandas, and, hmm, I thought they were just random orange blocks, but looking more closely, they’re lions.

Oh my.

The graphics aren’t super fancy, the interface is a little clunky, and still I cannot stop playing this game. Maybe that says more about my motivation to get things done than the game itself, but I don’t think so. Once you start, this game will be beckoning to you, telling you just one more round is all you need.

As if.

It’s called “Forest Magic” if you want to suffer along with me. But I don’t recommend it if you have stuff to do. Or anything to do.

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