#AccountaClub Friday, March 8, 2019


Well, if you’re curious about how the week went, I started out by typing “2018” as the year. Even though we’re into March at this point.


It’s been a distractible week. Case in point: started writing, decided my fingernails were annoyingly long, got up, took care of that, noticed the extra set of feet for my sofa so the Roomba has more room just waiting to be placed, and just struggled those under the sofa, which was neither fun nor easy, and sat down to write the post.

Still have to empty the Roomba, but one thing at a time, right?

And I feel like that’s a good thought for the week. One thing at a time.

We can get so jumbled, so many things to do, not sure of the order in which to do them. That will be a puzzle for next week.

Side note, getting those feet under the sofa was so exhausting, it’s definitely tamed some of the distraction.

I did finish the banner I was talking about earlier in the week, and by popular demand (one person asked) here it is.

Yes, one side is higher than the other as it hangs, but you try hanging a banner by yourself!

Writing this week was very limited, though I’ve been thinking about a project I want to start, and I’m closer to getting it going. There have been a lot of not-writing-conducive things happening this week, so you just have to roll with it.

Fitness, though, was awesome. I loved every trainer and every workout was particularly good, so that was a big plus, especially given how tired I was by the end of the week. Well today. I’m tired today.

I’ve been a little better about going to bed earlier, I’d like to push it back a bit, but there’s an improvement, so I’ll take it.

That’s me, how was your week?

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