#WednesdayWisdom: Vote out EVERY Republican so children can be safe in schools.


It’s foggy or rainy, I can’t be sure which, and dark enough out to need the lights on today. The gloom feels very appropriate given the horrendous, preventable murder of at least 19 children and their teacher in Uvalde, Texas.

For those of you in other parts of the world, you’re probably floored that this happens time and time again in this nation. Let me be clear about how it happens: Republicans.

This is the result of Republican policies pushing back on any type of gun control. This is the result of Republican policies making weapons of war available to everyone.

This is the result of Republicans valuing putting guns in the hands of child murderers over the children they murder.

This isn’t me being “partisan.” It’s factual. You can look it up. Check out the voting history of Republicans in the US Congress on guns.

They’ve taken millions upon millions from the NRA, who, it turned out was funneling money to them from Russia, which is illegal.

You may see people claiming that Democrats “control the House, the Senate, and the White House.” Be assured that that information is completely false.

While Democrats do have the White House with Pres. Biden and control of the House, Democrats DO NOT HAVE CONTROL OF THE SENATE. The Senate is DIVIDED. A bill must pass both houses of Congress (the legislative branch) to become a law.

Any gun legislation would require 60 votes in the Senate; Democrats, at most, with Vice Pres. Harris breaking a tie, have 51 votes.

That’s simple math.

Of course 10 Republicans could join to save the lives of children. But they won’t.

They never do.

The only solution is to vote every single Republican out of office. To get that majority. And that could help us fix the now-fascist Supreme Court.

But otherwise this will just keep happening. Because Republicans legislated it that way.

Have a Tuesday full of reflection.

Author’s note: This is my personal space for my personal opinions. Any pro-gun rhetoric or other propaganda will not be tolerated.

Here we are


All these years after Columbine and the only thing that’s changed is the weapons are more deadly.

For the children at the EIGHTEEN school shootings already in 2018, and the ones yet to come as nothing is ever done, you deserve so much better than the fear of dying behind your school desks.

And remember this, cuddlers of guns, deniers of their destruction: Russia funneled huge amounts of money through the NRA. Why would it do that?

Why would the NRA agree to do that?

And why did Trump receive $30.3 MILLION from the NRA?

Call your members of Congress. Demand action on guns.

Or just wait for the next group of children to die, terrified. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long.



I really didn’t want to write about Orlando


I was going to blog about dreams today — mine have been extremely vivid lately, yet melt away the moment I open my eyes — but I have decided to go another way. You see, I am trying really, really, really hard not to write about what happened in Orlando at the Pulse nightclub.

Really, really hard.

But I just can’t pretend that my blog can be its normally light space. Not right now. I am too heavy with the thoughts of those poor people just living their lives, out on a Saturday night, killed simply for who a gunman assumed they were.

Killed over love. Murdered for love. Shot down because someone with easy, easy access to a death didn’t like how they loved.

I will often note how I don’t like to get political in my author space, but this is not political.

This is humanity.

And objecting to the laws and the policies that put that weapon in the murderer’s hands is not political.

It’s sanity.

Every single pro-gun politician, every single pro-gun vote got us to this point today, where 50 people can be killed and 50-plus more injured with the casual press of an itchy trigger.

Do not be dazzled by the song-and-dance of “terrorist” this and “terrorist” that. Make no mistake: this tragedy was brought to you by the NRA and each of the kowtowing politicians who do as the NRA says and ask no questions. This tragedy was brought to you by the voters who put those toadies in office and the voters who stayed home instead. This tragedy was brought to you by Heller, one of the worst Supreme Court cases in American history, which required the “strict constructionists” of the Court to throw out half of an Amendment to get the result they wanted.

Saturday illustrated the result they wanted in gory, gory detail.

I am angry and I am heartbroken. There is never enough death, there is a never-ending well of excuses. And there is the hypocrisy of people who support laws calling for the inspection of genitals when someone wants to use a bathroom who now “stand with” the victims.

Your culture is what made these innocent people “victims.” Your irresponsible and illogical hate mongering. Your use of entire swaths of people as political tools.

I thought my LGBTQ friends were safer here in the 21st century. And now I know how quickly, how easily they can be gone over hate.

Well, there is someone who hates nearly all of us. Someone, out there, hates just about everyone, whether for their race, gender, religion, nationality, age, or other characteristic.

And we’ve given them unlimited access to weapons so that they can do something about it.

Note: While I encourage respectful discussion, this space is a safe space. No bigotry, hatred, rudeness, insults, minimization of or calls to violence, or NRA talking points will be tolerated. My space, my rules.