#AtoZChallenge: Headache


So I’ve been a terrible comment-responder and blog visitor the last few days thanks to a long-lasting and constantly-evolving headache.

Not sure what, exactly, triggered it. Last week much of it was weather, I think, which is frustrating as I’ve yet to figure out how to control it.

The weather, I mean.

I promise to try to catch up today, as so much of A to Z is the interaction.

My headaches form this annoying, attention-demanding creature who lives inside my head, making me dizzy, making me squint at the light, clouding my thinking so it comes out in dribs and drabbles.

Not a fan.

I’d love to make them vanish, but nothing much works aside from avoiding the triggers in the first place. Do you hear me, weather??

I’m sure I’m not alone, we all have those body quirks. All we can do is try to work around them.

If only they weren’t so determined to be in the way.

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It’s Like a Tap Dance of Pounding


I get headaches, sometimes migraines, though I’m not sure that’s what it is today. Meanwhile, the work on my building continues, making me unsure of whether the pounding is coming from inside or outside of my head. At one point, they seemed to go in rhythm, the hammering through the walls and the hammering through my skull.

Fun times.

It’s not even particularly loud noise today. It’s only persistent, but that’s the thing with persistent sound, it’s tough to drown it out.

Of course the tricky bit is that the words I need also lurk inside my skull, it’s it’s a lot like the pounding is keeping them in there, locking them in where they multiply and grow. Maybe the problem is that there are too many words inside, stuck, trapped, and they’re trying to get out. Maybe this kind of writer’s block is the source of most headaches.

I’ve fired up a fan, and hopefully the cooling my circuits will be just the thing I need to end the pounding inside. Outside, unfortunately, will last until the job is done.

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