#AccountaClub Friday, February 8, 2019


I had the strangest urge to write “1998” as the year. That’s a whole drinking age ago, as horrifying a thought as that is.

Why 1998 of all years?

I do not know.

Time glitches aside, it’s Friday! Let’s talk about our weeks.

I’m starting with fitness today. Five workouts this week despite a possible career-ending injury last night: my remote slid off of the couch and dive-bombed the bony part of my ankle. Now, you might think, come on, that didn’t hurt that much and I say to you, OH MY GOODNESS THE PAIN WAS RIDICULOUS.

Utterly ridiculous.

It’s still a bit bruised, but I made it through the workout and now I will rest for two days.

This week on Daily Burn, we set benchmarks of our fitness, testing how many of various exercises we could do in a minute. Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, BURPEES, and alternating lunges. We recorded the number of reps and will repeat in a few months apparently. It’s a great way to track progress.

Writing-wise, my new writing spot is really, really working for me. It’s comfortable, it inspires me, and I got a first draft of something in a new medium done this week.

Time to go back to the books.

So that was my week, overall pretty productive. How about yours?

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