#TuesdayThoughts: schadenfreude or I never promised you I was a nice person


Things, which are already very bad, are going to get worse. Much much worse, all thanks to the Republicans who promised us healthcare and yet are poised to end it in the middle of a preventable pandemic which, incidentally, also caused the largest economic downturn since the Great Depression. Oh goody.

But here’s the thought that’s keeping me upright right now. The pain we feel, they will also feel. There will be no escape from exclusions from health insurance. They don’t have some special plan that just takes it away from us.

Yes, I will enjoy seeing every single one of those Republican voters shocked that they have to declare bankruptcy because of their medical bills. It used to be the biggest cause of bankruptcy prior to the ACA, which this newly kangarooed Supreme Court is going to overturn.

I will enjoy them suddenly surprised that their medication, which they already thought was expensive, is now completely not affordable.

I will enjoy each and every twist and turn of their misery under this regime they embraced, joyously embraced, idiotically embraced.

Bitter laughter is what we’ve got.

I never promised you I was a nice person. Have a good Tuesday, grab your sword and fight like hell.

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Everyone deserves care. Everyone.


To say it flatly: this isn’t political. No person, no matter where on the political spectrum, should think it’s just fine to deprive someone like Michael of the comfort and stability of his own home, let alone limit or take away his medical care completely. And along with ripping health insurance from millions by destroying the ACA, or, as it’s popularly known, Obamacare, the AHCA will gut Medicaid.

Gut it.

Why? For tax cuts for the richest Americans. Again, that’s not a “slant,” a political perspective or anything else. The Republican bill literally puts a price on people’s lives, and lives come up short.

What will happen to people with disabilities who depend upon Medicaid for their very existence?

Well, you do the math. Your Republican representatives already have.

Contact them relentlessly and tell them you will not support such open, craven inhumanity.