Happy Health Insurance Ending?


Yep. Health insurance. Again. I am currently on hold with the insurance company I am trying to pay. It is my third call to them, in essence asking them to take my money.

So far, 28 minutes on hold and counting.

It may not be fair to judge them by this wait time; the last two times I called, I had a short wait in comparison, and it wasn’t Monday morning the day before the application deadline for coverage on January 1. But it sure would be nice if they would take the exorbitant premium off my hands.

Let’s see if I can get a whole blog post written while I’m waiting for someone to answer. Any bets?

When I called before, I was not yet in the system. Hopefully by now I will be. I’m also having visions of hearing this twangy music that goes nowhere for the rest of my life. I’m relatively certain that that is the music in the elevator to hell.

The application process itself was very easy, but now I have to give them money for the policy to go into effect. They have an option that would allow you to wait for them to call you back, allegedly without losing your place in line, but I’m skeptical. And I’ve already invested more than half an hour. Now it’s a battle of wills. Well, maybe the will of the hold system isn’t really involved, but I am determined. Determined, I tell you.

Oooh, it rang through, I’ve paid my premium, and it looks like I’ve got insurance for another year! I have to wait to make sure it posts before cancelling my policy my previous insurer so generously shoved me on after cancelling my decent policy, but it looks like this issue is very nearly resolved.


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