Protest marches against child concentration camps info


As promised, here is the information for the marches in protest of the childen’s concentration camps. How this isn’t the only thing everyone is focusing on I just don’t know.

These children will have lasting trauma from what this regime is inflicting.

Participate. Contact your representatives. Don’t be fooled if your Republican reps are talking about how bad it is; until they actually sign Sen. Feinstein’s Keeping Families Together Act, it’s nothing but noise.


Children’s concentration camps are here. WAKE. UP.


Look, there are children in concentration camps. We’ve only seen pictures of the boys; we don’t know where the girls are. ICE wants to destroy records of deaths, assaults and sexual assaults.

Kids will be placed in tents in Texas, where summer temperatures routinely reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit. To say nothing is to be complicit.

Children reportedly sit on benches staring straight ahead. They get only 2 hours of recreational time. They are not permitted to hug their siblings; no adults are permitted to soothe crying children.

This is an atrocity. This is not political; this is humanitarian.

Children. Are. In. Concentration. Camps.

Republicans could end this practice at any time. The White House could end it with a phone call. But it is deliberate. They know. They want this.

Please call your representatives, especially if they are Republicans. Children will die in those tent cities. Adults died when Joe Arpaio put them in tents in Arizona. Children will die.

I’m hearing rumblings of nationwide marches; I’ll post details here when I know more.