That’s it! We made it! Welcome President Biden and Vice President Harris! What a spectacular day.

We’re back, world.

We’re back.

#TuesdayThoughts: Under 23 and counting


We are nearly there. Nearly, nearly there. And of course fears that there will be an assassination attempt mount, especially after the attempted coup.

Not enough is being made of the attempted coup, the genuine insurrection aimed at murdering the first, second and third in line for the presidency, as well as members of Congress. Not enough is being made of trump’s part in it.

Speaking of, I read that “someone” had spray painted “Unfair” in the Presidential bedroom. “Someone.” I only saw it from one source so I can’t guarantee that it’s true, but it does seem awfully on brand.

So here we are, on that sharp, sharp edge of uncertainty and delicious, lovely change, not knowing what trump will yet try to do. But no matter what that is, as of just how ever many hours it is when you read this, he will be an ordinary citizen with no special protections and zero power.

We can feel you holding your breath with us, world. Have a great Tuesday, tomorrow the real America returns.

Grab me, I’m currently FREE!

#MondayThoughts: So very, very close


Here we are, less than 48 hours away from the end of trump, and we’re all so happy to see him go. Aside from the terrorists, but apparently only harming other people with impunity makes them happy so they’re out of luck.

It’s gray again, I’m not sure if we’re in for more snow, but we haven’t had much. It’s been a pretty mild winter so far, maybe the planet figures we have enough to deal with. And soon we can return the favor.

It will be a strange thing not to have so much of our thoughts and time and energy usurped by the functioning or nonfunctioning of the government. Think of all the hours free, of turning down the dial on the worry. That it’s been like this for four years is a travesty, and not one that can be repeated.

So on we go, into this week that will change everything, afraid of the damage yet to be done by the terrorists, but forging ahead nonetheless. And that’s me for today, have a great Monday. And confession, I wrote “Wednesday” instead of Monday. You can tell I’m ready for this week to get a shift on, as the Doctor would say.

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