#FridayThoughts: Wallpapering cracks doesn’t fix the cracks


I genuinely considered just plugging one of my books today (buy my books) but I think I’d rather get some thoughts out. I’m filled with rage.

Most of it is aimed at Republicans who, even right now, are trying to smooth over an actual, literal coup into something benign, something that is the natural result of people demanding to be treated like people and have access to health care and potable water. Even now they pretend that the lies they’ve been spewing have no connection to the people who committed an act of terror on our soil, at our Capitol, as they screamed those same words.

I want repercussions. I want consequences. I want people resigning, ethics investigations, criminal investigations. I want the rot cleared out from the law enforcement offices that aided these terrorists, who WERE some of these terrorists. I want people held accountable.

We are on the cusp of a new era, and these people only have themselves to blame that we no longer care about their excuses and feelings and epiphanies. What’s done is done, may they be punished harshly by the law and by society.

This didn’t just “happen.” It was planned. There were shirts made. There were weapons and explosives found. They erected a gallows. They brought zip ties.

They killed an officer.

So that’s where I am right now. I hope you have a good Friday and a good weekend, but really think about how we want to move forward. Wallpapering cracks doesn’t fix the cracks.

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#ThursdayThoughts: No #ThursdayTen today


Sorry, but after the attempted COUP yesterday, an actual insurrection, I am too angry and still trying to process what happened. I don’t have the fun of a ten word prompt in me.

Armed white terrorists stormed our Capitol with the intention of kidnapping and killing members of Congress. And trump incited it and then encouraged them in the midst, telling them he “loved them.” These thugs did things like steal the Speaker’s mail, sit at her desk, and one person yelled out he’d pay someone a million dollars to kill her.

It was horrifying and ugly and disgusting, and completely, completely incited by trump. They found bombs and a long gun on the grounds; they erected a gallows.

And even after that, after these terrorists scaled scaffolding and tried to break into barricaded rooms, members of Congress repeated and reinforced the very propaganda that drove the insurrectionists on the floor of the Congress they’d just desecrated.

It was a terrible, terrible dark day, overshadowing the incredible work done in Georgia to flip the Senate blue. But they didn’t change that. They didn’t change the reality that President-elect Biden won the election and will be president. They didn’t change much of anything, really, aside from their own futures and the futures of the Capitol Police who may have aided them.

That’s it for me. I hope you have a far more peaceful Thursday.