#FridayThoughts: Don’t mean just the quiet racists either.


And it’s July. How?

You tell me.

It’s a gray day, and perhaps a little rainy, according to the weather app but I don’t see rain.

There is a distinct possibility that I accidentally reused my coffee grounds from my first iced coffee this morning for the second, because I have no memory of putting new ones in.

The weird thing is it doesn’t taste as terrible as you’d think it would. Perhaps single use coffee is is a myth put out by big coffee.

Then again it largely tastes of almond milk.

So to you it probably looks like I started this post, and continued this post and eventually finished this post, but instead I’ve been all over the place. At least twice, I suddenly remembered I was still in progress.

It’s been a long week. I guess I can’t say it’s been a long month as we’re merely hours into it but I definitely have my eye on it.

On the plus plus plus plus side, the US just swore in our very first Black woman to the Supreme Court of the United States. Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Like with Vice President Harris, the racists have tried to mute the historic nature of the moment, the incredible achievement, the glass shattered. And I don’t mean just the quiet racists, either.

I mean the ones who get uncomfortable and won’t admit to themselves why too.

It doesn’t matter how they feel. The barrier is broken.

Congratulations to Justice Jackson and to America.

And that’s it for me, have a great Friday and a great weekend.

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