OK, Monday. Let’s do this thing.


Here we are, back at the start. Last week was kind of an emotional doozy for me, but I’m righting the emotional ship, rough seas or no, and onward. And I am also very oddly obsessed with tidying.

Thank you Marie Kondo and thank you “Tidying Up” on Netflix for that.

I mean, I did start my organizational kick weeks ago, and the reality is that having things neat, easy to find and easy to store is its own kind of rewarding.

Is it a means of procrastinating with the writing? Maybe. I ask you this. How can I focus on my words when I know my pajamas could be so much neater?

I’m only human.

The funny things is my past self would have scoffed at my this self for finding this process fun. But here’s a thing in life: sometimes, people just have a way of doing things that resonates with you. The “KonMari Method,” as she calls it, is logical and really cuts to the heart of clutter.

So I’m hooked.

And if you know me and Daily Burn, I really do seem to enjoy my systems.

I guess you’ll find out how it goes on Friday. I hope you have a fabulous week.

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