Photo Time! Lincoln Park Zoo (Again)


Well, a change of plans and an extremely crowded Michigan Avenue — three parking garages attempted, three parking garages full — resulted in another trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo. This time I hung out with the small monkeys, as well as some of the great apes, but I didn’t get super awesome pictures of the great apes.

One came right to the glass of the outdoor enclosure, it was pretty incredible. But the glass was really reflective. I got an OK pic from the little camera, though, and I’ll post that.

Some of the monkeys seemed to get that they were in nicely-appointed prisons, and looked depressed. The lighting was low there, though, and I didn’t get any usable photos.

Others seemed to realize that a quiet life with food-on-demand and without predators isn’t so bad, and were as interested in us as we were in them. So here are some pictures!


This is a pied tamarin, but I think it’s a bat-faced monkey who is half-bat-half-monkey created when a witch cursed a monkey. I’m sure it’s very nice, though.


So the black monkey was sleeping on the branch, and the golden one clearly wanted the other one to wake up. No dice.


I was taking a photo of the lemur on the right, and the other one was looking away. I SWEAR the one on the right nudged the one on the left, as if to say “Hey! Photo!” and the left one looked around until it found my camera. They stopped short of asking me to tag them.


Mom and baby, proving that goofiness is, in fact, genetic.


The underground viewing area for the seal/sea lion pool.




Baby zebra!






















And now from the little camera:

DSCF0509 - Copy - Copy

Super reflective. That’s me in the striped shirt, reflected twice.

DSCF0505 - Copy - Copy









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