Spot the Snow Leopard


So we haven’t gone back in time for a while. Honestly, given a time machine, this story goes a little farther back into human history than I’d probably care to go–the 1200s were rough, man–but it’s always fun to take a trip safely between two covers. Or pixels, as the case may be here.

The Snow Leopard by Daniel Leston. Amazon for $3.85. The saga of one man’s epic struggle to survive during the tumultuous early years of the 13th century as two powerful and aristocratic families—one Russian, one Mongol—are inexorably drawn into bloody conflict, fated to play opposing sides in the creation of the largest empire of the medieval age. Cruelly betrayed while a mere boy by his brother’s vaulting ambition, he eventually overcomes bitter slavery far from his native land, achieving the status of a legendary warrior without peer among his adoptive people. Ultimately forced by tragic circumstances to choose between these two diverse cultures, he must finally decide where his true loyalties lay.