Everyone deserves care. Everyone.


To say it flatly: this isn’t political. No person, no matter where on the political spectrum, should think it’s just fine to deprive someone like Michael of the comfort and stability of his own home, let alone limit or take away his medical care completely. And along with ripping health insurance from millions by destroying the ACA, or, as it’s popularly known, Obamacare, the AHCA will gut Medicaid.

Gut it.

Why? For tax cuts for the richest Americans. Again, that’s not a “slant,” a political perspective or anything else. The Republican bill literally puts a price on people’s lives, and lives come up short.

What will happen to people with disabilities who depend upon Medicaid for their very existence?

Well, you do the math. Your Republican representatives already have.

Contact them relentlessly and tell them you will not support such open, craven inhumanity.