Well, It’s Monday


I’ve gotten off to a slow start today, my brain sliding in place like a tire in a snow drift, kicking slush around but not getting very far. In days past, I’d be reaching for a good old cup of coffee, but I’m not drinking it anymore.

I miss it.

It’s one of those days where I’d be happy to bask in other people’s accomplishments, watching skiers flying down a mountain fast enough to get a driver’s license revoked. Or skaters flinging themselves across the ice in the broadcast I recorded but hadn’t had a chance yet to watch.

My own to-do list be darned.

But then I would come to the end of the day, my scribbled, uncrossed-out handwriting staring back at me accusingly. I would end the day on the sidelines with a double-long list tomorrow. If only Monday wasn’t such an awkward creature, needy and lumbering.

At least tomorrow is Tuesday.