Ah laundry


I’ve had some laundry issues this weekend. Oh the saga.

Which is probably not the kind of saga you’d enjoy reading, so I’ll spare you the details, but it invovled a mouse, a dryer and a not fresh smell.

Maybe I should have spared you that detail.

Anyway, I’m on Phase Two of Destinkification, and who knew the laundry room would be a high traffic hot spot on a Monday?

Advantage of working from home: 0.

It’s been a thing.

But all of life has its laundry. Editing, for example, is the laundry of writing. Sometimes it involves a not-so-fresh hassle, but one way or another, you’ve got to get it done

Puck Monday


Oh hello Monday. I’ve been expecting you.

Any day can be a Monday, if it tries hard enough. Yeah, sure I waxed on about the fresh start of Mondays mere weeks ago, but today, hypothetical reader, I come to you with a dire, dire warning.

Monday has a dark side.

Sweet, innocent clean-slate Monday sometimes, sometimes is out to get you.

Yes, thank you Sean Connery. Monday IS out to get us. From the moment I got up this morning, sneaky Monday has pulled sneaky Monday tricks trying to derail me with its sneaky Monday ways.

Yep. Now, Monday. Now.

Please go back to being your sweet, fresh new week self.

OK, maybe that’s the beginning of the second cup of coffee talking. It’s probably more like:

Whatevs. Point is, Monday, I’d like to call a truce.

And for you, hypothetical reader, until Monday is willing to think about what it’s done and apologize,

Monday’s up to Puck all.

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