The Mysterious Letter M


M is for mystery today, as it should be. Ah, tantalizing, mysterious mystery. Who doesn’t love a good mystery? They’re the puzzles of reading, and if they do it right, they give you the pieces to put it all together yourself. Personally, I had a soft spot for cozy mysteries long before I wrote my own (Her Cousin, Much Removed, in case you’re wondering), because what else can make murder sound so warm and inviting?

The Sleuth Sisters by Maggie Pill. Amazon for $2.99. A Cozy Mystery about Sisters and Murder

We love our sisters, right? It’s just that sometimes we love them BECAUSE of, and sometimes we love them in SPITE of. But when murder’s the crime and solving’s your line, sisters count on sisters. It’s a family thing.

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Lock Yourself Away with the Wardens of Punyu


Intrigue and adventure await in Hong Kong and China with D.L. Kung’s first book of the Handover Mysteries. Hold on to your organs, folks.

The Wardens of Punyu (The Handover Mysteries, Vol. I) by D. L. Kung. $2.99 from
Claire Raymond’s rookie Business World colleague disappears without trace across the Hong Kong-China border into one of the mainland’s new “special economic zones.” Claire’s search to rescue him leads her through the free-for-all landscape of Guangdong’s coastal export boom into the murky use of Communist prison labor camps to feed its illegal organ transplant trade.