Writing While Antsy


There’s one big requirement for writing. You’ve got to be able to sit still and do it. Unless you have a treadmill desk, which really, to me, looks like a pre-broken-bone desk, because at some point one of those feet is not going to come down the right way. It’s just statistics.

But sometimes you feel antsy. I’m antsy today, it may have been the tea, I know I had too much and yet I couldn’t stop myself. Maybe it’s the Mondayness of it all. But whatever it is, sitting still right now is not an appealing option. I need to fidget, and my fingers on the keyboard are not enough fidgeting.

So what’s a writer to do when a big case of the antsies strikes? Sometimes I haul out my exercise ball and sit on on it, it allows for nervous movement. In fact I just grabbed it, with a hair of difficulty, as it was stored a little too cozily, which tells me I haven’t done enough lately with the exercise ball.

Is it helping? Eh.

Getting out and getting a little exercise can work sometimes, but I’ve already been for a walk this morning. It was pre-tea, though, so maybe it doesn’t count?

Sometimes I take a shower, (done and done) and that brings down the fidgety. Not so much today.

And when all the tricks fail, as they seem to be doing today, the writing still needs to be done. Sometimes, even when you’re all over the place, even when you’re antsy, you’ve got to get yourself to a sitting surface (in my case right now it’s a slightly bouncy surface), put the nervous energy aside, and just do the work.

Is it fun under those circumstances? Nope, I feel like sprinting away from the computer and taking a quick lap around the city of Chicago. But it’s time to focus, whether my jumpy body wants to or not.

We think of writing as such a peaceful, still thing. And it can be. But it isn’t always, and we have to do it anyway.

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