The Great Paradox and the Indies


Therin Knite is at it again with another Awesome Indie Book Roundup, and this one has a ton to offer, including five free books. And if you missed the first one on March 8, don’t despair, here’s the link.

It also features, among a bunch of fun options, a book of time-based ridiculousness by yours truly. Go check out the excellent company my book is keeping, and meanwhile, here’s a time paradox for you.


The Great Paradox and the Innies and Outies of Time Management
by Isa-Lee Wolf. Amazon for $2.99. Avoid the time paradox, they say. Paradoxes will rip apart the very essence of space and time, they warn.


It’s too late for that for Amber, a clerk at the Time Management Center, who spends her days filing time innies, outies and midlies. When she finds herself being hauled up the side of Mount Chicago, sprawled over the shoulder of a man she doesn’t know, she senses that something is off. Then again, it happened on the heels of one of her lowest days, a day she was relieved was over. Until it wasn’t. The Spokes, which should keep everything when it’s supposed to be, aren’t doing their job, and it doesn’t help that their coffee’s not so great either.

Even worse, the whirling cone of infinity is back in her kitchen, she keeps running into herself everywhere, and people are on to her about what she was doing—but shouldn’t have been doing—with her time files. For Amber, the Great Time Paradox is vastly overrated.


The Nature of Worry


Worry is one of those things that hides in the corners, waiting for you to notice it. And once you do, that tiny little thing, that speck, doubles and triples and quadruples in size until there are no more corners, only the worry.

It doesn’t accomplish anything. That’s something people always remind you, if you’re prone to worrying. For the people who don’t, I wonder what that is like, to live in a world where things either happen or they don’t, and the time between doesn’t hold a single “what if.”

Sounds lovely.

I’m a champion worrier, eligible for the pro circuit. My worrying endorsements are through the roof. I’ve been on the cover of Worrisome Weekly.

You get the idea.

But maybe the worry  is just the flip-side to my vast imagination. Maybe without it, there would be no Innies, no Outies, no Aunty Ida. Maybe there is a silver interior after all.

But I worry there isn’t.