The Paperwhite Made Me Buy It


I’ve tamed the noisy beast. With a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and an hours-long playlist of classical music, I should be good to go today. Why didn’t I do this yesterday? Who knows, but this is much better.

By the way, if you are dealing with problems getting your own work done for one reason or another, you might want to go check out my friend Jon’s blog today, he’s got a great post on the topic.

So I broke down and bought a Kindle Paperwhite this week, Amazon had a $20 off discount. It is glorious. I mean, I don’t want to insult my prior Kindle, the bulky one with the keyboard, but it was, well, bulky. This one is sleek and small, the text so crisp I’d swear I was looking at a printed page if it didn’t do this morphy thing when I turned the page.

It also has a fun toy in the form of a vocabulary builder, which I wish I had sooner, because I tend to look up words (generally keeping Scrabble in mind) and then not hold on to them. Now I can learn them. Although it thought I was highlighting the word “to,” which I think is one I’ve got down. I don’t think I need a flashcard for “to,” but then who could be sure?

Anyway, I was too excited not to share. In fact I wish I was reading it right now, but now that I have shielding methods to recombobulate my head, I should probably get back to what I should be doing. Unless what I should be doing is reading. Hmm, maybe that’s an angle I can work.

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