Phone Games Aren’t the Best for Productivity


I downloaded a new game for my phone. In the words of Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman,” Big mistake. Huge.

I’m totally addicted.

Like most games that suck you in and keep you distracted from all you should be doing, it’s simple. You press a group of two or more matching blocks, and try to clear them before one of the columns fills up. Easy, right?

Only, of course it isn’t. I don’t even know what my highest score is, it’s just too addictive, and around and around I go, matching up pigs and frogs and pandas, and, hmm, I thought they were just random orange blocks, but looking more closely, they’re lions.

Oh my.

The graphics aren’t super fancy, the interface is a little clunky, and still I cannot stop playing this game. Maybe that says more about my motivation to get things done than the game itself, but I don’t think so. Once you start, this game will be beckoning to you, telling you just one more round is all you need.

As if.

It’s called “Forest Magic” if you want to suffer along with me. But I don’t recommend it if you have stuff to do. Or anything to do.

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