Ten Word Story Photo Prompt: Wrecked


Pictures from  Heritage Snapper and Imageafter.com.

It’s Thursday and time for a new photo and new ten word story! Feel free to post on your blog and drop a link in the comments, or here, if you prefer. Whatever works for you. There were some awesome ones last week, make sure you see the comments to check them out.


Using the above photo, write a ten-word short story. Easy, right?


Titles are fine, just keep them reasonable.

OK, here’s mine:

Unmoored, the airship drifted upward, reluctantly facing its blue eternity.


Ten Word Photo Prompt: Stuck

beautiful bloom blooming blossom

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Ten word story time! I know it’s challenging, but it’s over before you know it. In ten words, to be precise.

Using the above photo, write a micro-flash fiction story of only ten words. You can have a title, if you’d like, but don’t go nuts with it.

I couldn’t resist this photo, it’s just so pretty. OK, here’s mine:

August, yet still spring. She groaned and grabbed the pliers.



Ten Word Photo Prompt: Lights

astrology astronomy atmosphere dark

Photo by grafixartphoto grafixart_photo on Pexels.com

It’s Ten World Photo Prompt Day!! Using the image above, craft a 10-word micro flash story. You can have a title, but as always, let’s not go crazy with them.

Feel free to post your masterpiece in the comments.

Here’s mine:

With the alien ship submerged, he’d need a bigger canoe.