M is for Maybe (Not)


Ambivalence, for me, seems to be the theme of the week, and today is no exception. I’m a little bit maybe, and perhaps a little more maybe not.

But today’s theme started over lunch yesterday. Not in the mood for anything much, really, I decided to take a frozen microwave pizza out of the freezer. Frozen microwave pizza has its moments, right? And this one looked very promising, with roasted veggies. Now that’s a pizza. If the picture on the box had anything to say about it, my lunch was going to be great. Maybe.

I suspect you can see where this is going.

So I tore open the little teary thing on the side, sliding out the pizza and the special tray it came with. And the contrast between the image on the box — an image so lush and promising — and the frozen pizza that came out of it was so great, I had to take a picture to share. Ready? Here it is:20150414_120802

Once cooked, I have to say it didn’t improve all that much, and frankly, it tasted about the way it looked. The little central smattering of veggies that was there, including the very generous single artichoke heart, shrank to a fraction of it’s original size, leaving vast swathes of dimpled, slightly cheesy, not terribly tomatoey crust. But the microwave tray definitely worked. That crust was crispy. As in cured cement crispy.

Here’s the thing, though. It wasn’t horrible. It tasted OK if not exciting or particularly good. Would I buy it again, though? Maybe.

Maybe not.

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Dig into Some Demons and Deep Dish Pizza


It’s the title of this collection of three short stories that got me. I mean, who can resist the title? It’s fantastic. Apparently, it’s better if you read The Demon Mistress (An Eva Prim Novel) by Jordan K. Rose first, though.

Demons and Deep Dish Pizza (Eva Prim) by Jordan K. Rose. Amazon for $0.99. Shoes. That’s all Eva wanted. A kicking pair of shoes for a night out on the town. Instead she ended up with two crazy demons, two dead guys and one deep-dish pizza.