June Undecided Sky


There’s a moment, when the sky grows dark and grayness takes to the air, where it can go either way. It can rain, or it can not rain. You may sit, half-tensed and not even aware of it, waiting for that first crack of thunder.

I can see it, sometimes, the sheet of rain coming in the distance, spreading a haze of water a bit at a time until suddenly the whole air is filled with it. Sometimes the rain makes things quieter, muted.

Some days it starts and goes on like that for hours, going in rounds of misty rain and huge, intense drops. And other times it’s here and gone in a moment, an indecisive drizzle finished almost when it started.

But the funny thing is that the sky looks the same, sometimes. Heavy, waterlogged. It’s what the sky will do with it we never seem to know.

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Inside the Worm’s a Poetic Place


This week’s Free Book Friday starts with a collection of poetry from Bonnie Mutchler. A quick collection of about 5,400 words, it’s a perfect start to the weekend.

Inside the Worm by Bonnie Mutchler. FREE from Smashwords.com
This is a collection of easy to read story poems that weave tales of fantasy, war and humor.

Self-Trust an Elusive Commodity


I’m not sure why it is that it’s so difficult for us to trust ourselves. Maybe that’s not true for everyone, maybe there are people who plunge ahead, confident and certain.

I’m not one of those people.

For me, the world is colored by what ifs, by endless probabilities, by the dark edges of choosing wrong. People like me waffle. We hesitate. We never rest comfortably in the conclusion of a choice, because that choice or that choice might have been better.

Behind us we can see the missteps and the wrong turns littering our paths, half-buried in the sand, but still visible enough to to glint accusingly. And we can’t help but wonder if forward lies more of the same.

If only there was faith in good solutions. Not perfect solutions. Good ones.

Is It Anything But Winter Yet?


Everything looks icy today. The ground, the lake, the sky; it’s all a uniform shade of dull white, the kind with enough gray in it to make it heavy.

It’s been a long winter, and there is yet more to go still. I’m told the groundhog saw his shadow. I don’t think we needed his prognostication.

After weeks and weeks and weeks of it, it awakens something in you, something ancient beyond the humanity of us, something that makes you want to take to a soft bed with a pile of blankets and a television loud enough to drown out the wind.


Reflect on Your Soul and Mind


Everybody needs a dose of poetry every now and then. These deeply personal poems from Marilyn Ferrell offer a form of reading meditation and a place for reflection.

Ballads: Reflections of my Heart, Soul & Mind by Marilyn Ferrell. $3.99 from Smashwords.com
This is a compilation of reflective and inspirational/motivational poems and thoughts that touches on several aspects of life and love.