Easy like Tuesday morning or bloggety blog.


Ah blog. Blogetty blog blog blog. Blogging. Right. Blogging.That’s what I’m doing right now. Blogging.

It’s gray again today, and the air has that clean, damp coolness to the back of it. It’s a tad chilly but I have the window open anyway. As often happens on these soggy days, the noise outside is muted, and the traffic drone a soft nest of sound.

I’d call it soporific if I hadn’t just finished my coffee. Finished? Let me check. If it wasn’t finished before, it’s finished now.

And there’s the siren. Un-citylike interlude over.

It’s funny how one place can feel like another, if only for a brief few minutes. I could have been anywhere with a brisk, humid breeze. Until that siren. And then the low trundle of a bus.

Sometimes, while writing, we want those concrete details, the ones that anchor us firmly to time and place. Usually, in my own writing, I like to use broad strokes; suggestions, and let the reader fill in the details.

Notice. Always notice. At the worst, you’ll get yourself a blog post out of it.

Blogetty blog indeed.

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