An Elephant Protest


I read this story about an elephant in India who smashed down part of a house, but then heard a baby crying under the rubble. It went back and removed the debris from her.

People have been encroaching on the elephants’ migratory path, and they’ve been letting the people know how they feel about it. In another story in the same article, an elephant moved a little girl out of the way before destroying houses.

I think the elephant knew that there were people in the other part of the house, and choose what it thought was the empty side to destroy. When it heard the baby crying, it came back.

It was a political statement. An elephant protest. And it was a non-violent one.

Elephants are sentient. It’s obvious, the evidence is everywhere. They remember each other, they mourn their dead, they even create art.

Why do we cling to this idea that sentience is only ours? There are so many other creatures on this planet as self-aware as we are.

Well, most of us, anyway.