#MondayThoughts: Weeking on


I can’t say that my attempt to keep it light last week was entirely successful. It’s tiring, this new way of life, and honestly, I’m tired of it. And that’s the entire truth.

If I could be more upbeat, I would, but it’s been a long time of this, and there are so many people trying to make it worse, perhaps hoping to increase the spread. Who knew so many people wish they could kill other people?

So many.

It’s gray again today, though it could get sunny any moment, it’s been doing that, bright and dark, dark and bright. My head doesn’t like it at all.

At some point, people will ask what it was like when nearly 70,000 Americans died in two months and the government tried to make it worse at every turn, seizing equipment and tests, insisting people offer themselves as human sacrifices for the economy.

And the answer is it was ghoulishly normal, one day bleeding into the next, the dishes still getting done, laundry folded and put away, too much time in front of the television and opining on social media.

It is slow and it is fast and it is, above all else, excruciating.

That’s it for me for today, have as great a Monday as you can, and if it’s not a great Monday, that’s OK too.

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