Hello Spring


Today there is sunshine. I am going outside, even though it’s still a bit chilly, but it’s spring, and I’m going to take it in.

I love spring. It promises so much, there is so much ahead of spring. We get the first flowers, and they are vibrant, some of them scented so strongly they stay with you long after you’ve caught a hint of them on the breeze.

With spring, we have summer to come, and after that, fall, my other favorite time.

For someone who doesn’t like change, I really enjoy the transitional seasons. Interesting.

I can hear the wind, though, sun or not. There’s still a hint of brutality to spring, but it’s a brutality tempered by hope. By a promise of warmer days to come, of abundance.

It’s so short in Chicago, we go from coats to shorts in no time flat. So I will experience it while it’s here and get some photos for when it’s not.

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