Research, research research.


Joaquín Sorolla [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes I marvel at what we have available to us every second of the day through the internet. I can browse for contact paper; see places I’ve never visited and possibly never will; find restaurants that serve goeduck in far-off cities; line up workouts I can do right at home, with seemingly endless variety.

We have the entire world here, in front of us, through that infamous series of interconnected tubes.

As people, it’s a miracle of convenience. As writers, it’s the miracle of concrete details.

There are no excuses now. You have no reason to get something verifiable wrong; with a few seconds of searching, you can get the truth. And so can your readers.

If you’re thinking it’s a curse, you are so, so mistaken. Imagine the hours with a card catalog, note card and tiny stubby pencil in hand, chasing down, for example, the nature of time. No more.

Now it’s all here, all waiting, just a search box away. It’s a keyboard full of inspirational rabbit holes, and all you have to do is type.

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