#FridayThoughts: Give yourself a break


I decided to give myself a break by ordering groceries. The virus numbers are soaring, and while the first time we went through this, there weren’t enough shoppers or deliverers to go around, this time it seems there are plenty.

And it’s amazing how easy it is. No girding resolve to go into a store, no vigilance at remaining six feet from everyone, no treading and retreading aisles.

Thank goodness for the people willing to do it.

It’s been a long week, a stressful week when really it shouldn’t have been. Everything should be settled by now, things smoothly rolling on toward change, but alas, they are not. Instead we are held hostage by the delusions of an incredibly stupid narcissist, who is held up by the people around him pretending his delusions are reality.

Fun times.

So accept that now is stressful and difficult, and give yourself a break in some way, whether it’s taking a routine chore off of your plate, doing something you love for a little slice of time, or buying yourself a present. Be nice to yourself.

That’s it for me today. Have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend.

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