Reveal! Sketch Comedy Show Title and Image!


Well I promised you more on the sketch comedy show for which I’ve been fiendishly making props, and here it is! Me Inside Me’s new show is called “Witch, Please,” and will be running at Donny’s Skybox Theater at the Second City training center in October!

And we’re really excited about this one.

We’ve got our original cast from our first show, and I have to tell you, my co-writers are even funnier than ever, which you wouldn’t think was possible, but there you have it.

As always, there will be booze.

This show is fast-paced, really varied, and this time around, we’re doing music again. And let’s not forget about the props. Obviously the whole show is about the props.

Though the most impressive of the props is being fabricated by someone else, and that sketch alone should be worth the price of admission!

Was that all vague enough for you? Good, then come see the show!

In or near Chicago in October? Come see “Me Inside Me Presents: Witch, Please,” on October 1, 8, 22 and 29 at Donny’s Skybox Theater at 7 pm. Tickets available at

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