Insight over Nail Clippings


By Anishshah19 (17th Century art) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

It’s weird when a Wednesday feels like a Monday. All the Monday vibes, none of the Monday placement in the week. It’s still a two-cup-of-coffee-kinda day, and my nails have gotten to that length where they’re annoying for typing.

A symbol of the cycle of time.

Though it’s not really a cycle, is it, when the week gets all turned around like this, days out of order. Arrgh, excuse me for a second, I’m off to perform a partial nailectomy. Hmm, that sounded more ominous than I thought. See? They were quite a distraction.

Let’s say a nail reduction and call it a day. And it worked, too.

Unencumbered now, my fingers are stretching their legs all over the keys, and the ideas are getting leggy with them. So that’s something to consider.

Sometimes a small physical change can unlock a mental one. A walk can spark something, can give you ideas, can get oxygen into those specific nooks that needed it.

A new place to work — even if it’s a different spot at the same table — is a whole new perspective. That chair that digs precisely nineteen minutes into writing may be the reason you can never get past the 1000-word mark in a session.

Don’t give yourself obstacles you don’t need. Don’t miss the chance for change to, well, change things up.

Sometimes it’s as small as hacking at your nails with a nail clipper.


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