Think Like a Tortoise


I sat down to write this post, and thought, hmm. Tuesday. What do I have to say on Tuesday?

Today’s Wednesday.

That’s my first problem. It’s one of those days where the brain gears are slipping, but I’m determined not to let it slow me down. Or slow me down more. OK, I’m moving kind of slowly today.

But there’s a kind of peace in going the way of the tortoise, a word whose spelling I always have to check, no matter how many times I write it. I am not a tortoise by nature, far from it. But embracing the measured, the deliberate has its advantages.

I’m almost always in a rush, nearly constantly in a hurry, whether that’s from the uneven movement of the clock or my own unstable relationship with time, I can’t say. All right. It’s probably the second one.

But when you rush, you skip over thoughts, skip over ideas that, over a little while, could ease right out. They’re left there, acres out, abandoned, likely to rust in the rain.

Or that’s what I like to think, anyway. It makes me feel better about being so far back on the to-dos.

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