No One Is Required to Smile


img_5385I have a massive case of the grumps today. Everything is annoying; everything is difficult. The sky is one of those featureless grays, without even the decency to rain. I am frustrated.

With everything.

Perhaps it is a wrong-side-of-the-bed situation. Or maybe the lingering effects of the migraine, which though mostly gone, does not want to be forgotten. Maybe some days are just like that, even if they’re Friday.

And maybe it’s a little bit of the world, too. I’ve been thinking a lot about women lately, how we’re treated, the importance we’re assigned. It’s pretty depressing when the Democratic nominee for President of the United States’ entire platform is dismissed with a “she needs to smile more.”

She needs to smile more.

Yep, it’s a smile that will get us through the thorny issue that is Putin. Smiles will solve Syria. Smiles will keep job numbers in an upward direction. Smiles will fix health care. Smiles will deal with North Korea’s purported recent nuclear test.


From my position of grumpiness, that edict — she needs to smile more — irks me even more than it did when the ridiculous RNC chair with the even more ridiculous name said it. I am not smiling today.

I don’t feel like smiling today.

It’s not my job. And it’s not hers either.

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