So I Burned Through ‘Orange is the New Black’


I’m keeping this post spoiler free. Well, I’ve been furloughed, at least for another year, after tearing through season two of “Orange is the New Black.” Do I regret the speed with which I watched it?

Yes and no. No, because I was able to see the whole season completely unspoiled (I hate spoilers) and yes because I used it all up and Netflix just put another 12 months on my sentence of being deprived of new episodes. If they really cared about us, they’d give us a new season once a month (I’m not greedy, and I figure the actors should get a little time to sleep between tapings. The writers, well, writers don’t need sleep, right?).

It was just as good as the first season, and in some ways, better, packed with the human moments that make this show something special. The writing was sharp, funny, and heartbreaking. And the acting was phenomenal. Completely phenomenal.

Uzo Abuba, who plays Suzanne/Crazy Eyes, deserves an Emmy for her outstanding performance. I mean wow.

Anyway, it was definitely worth Friday’s anticipation and then some. If you’re not streaming Netflix, you should be, because you are missing out on television that could shape the medium for decades to come. OITNB may be about prison, but it’s breaking women out of the roles into which they’re usually pinned, and letting them shine in all of their complicated, flawed glory.

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