Technology Addiction? Sign Me Up


I might be a tiny bit too technologically dependent. My computer was busy this morning doing its own thing and I had no idea what to do with myself. I hadn’t prepared for it. I hadn’t gathered information for it. Nope, there I was, computerless.

It was terrifying.

I haven’t always needed to be tethered to a screen and a keyboard, at least I don’t think so. And in all fairness to my heavy addiction, everything I needed to get done could only be found on the computer. So there’s that.

But it does make you aware of how much we depend on something that doesn’t physically exist, not really. It all boils down to series of zeroes and ones, tucked away somewhere as inaccessible to us as the center of the Earth. Talk about impermanent.

Not the center of the Earth. Let’s hope that’s pretty durable. I mean the products of our computers.

We’ve created an entire universe, and it has billions of magic portals, if you count the tablets and the smartphones. We can’t touch it, we can’t see it, and yet we depend on it these days as much as we do shelter or water. And when you take it away, apparently, I’m at a loss, and that’s just the internet.

Is it a crutch? Is it an aid? I’m not sure I care, now that I have mine back.

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