#WednesdayWisdom: Breathe


Just breathe. Just for a moment.

As we go into the holidays, as the news comes barreling in, barraging us with information, none of it good, as people get testy and old wounds start to tingle, just breathe.

Just sit. Listen to what’s around you. Stare at something you’ve never really examined. Exist in the moment and know each moment does, eventually, pass.

This time of year brings us joy, often, and stress, often. For some people, there is no joy at all, only a long, bleak season pitted with landmines.

Be kind to others, be patient with others, because you have no idea what emotional tightrope they’re on.

Be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself, because you know exactly what kind of emotional tightrope you’re on.

And for now, just breathe.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and if you celebrate, a great Thanksgiving.

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