Tuesdaying Today


I’m still in my workout gear from this morning, but I’ve made a utensil holder for my bright silicone tools, and I re-organized my dish cupboard and purged some mugs.

I also kept sitting down to do things and then realized that I forgot something, so, I’m probably moving at a solid six right now. Maybe seven if I get extra credit for creativity with the utensil holder. I used a nut can and some contact paper.


It’s strange, but it’s almost as though all of the stuff just keeps its tendrils wrapped tightly around you, holding you in place. I never expected the purging to be so freeing.

Some people don’t have a close connection to things. I imagine their homes as sleek and clutter-free. Space everywhere.

Probably not my future, but who knows? (I kinda know.)

Still, I think we hesistate to start because we fear the process will be painful or difficult. Which can be said of so many things.

But if I hesitate, I look at my sock drawer, so tidy, nothing invisible, all right there. It’s good to have a little more sock drawer.

Hope your Tuesday is productive.

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