Zombie Trumpcare is Back from the Dead, and Graham-Cassidy Wants to Take Us All With It


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Well, once again, Congress wants to take away our healthcare, kill the ACA and make devastating changes to Medicaid. The new bill, named after its co-sponsors, Graham-Cassidy, is, without doubt, the worst attempt to strip citizens of healthcare yet.

For example, under this bill, an insurer can raise your premiums at any time. So even if you’ve bought the plan, if at some time during the year you’re wild and crazy enough to actually use the health insurance you’re paying for, the insurer can raise your monthly premium. Use it again?

Up it goes again.

You’d think they’d get by now that no one wants these bills, aside from insurers. And yet, it seems the Republicans in Congress–this bill is only supported by Republicans–think that they can sneak it past us while we’re not looking.

So let’s keep looking. Please call your members of Congress and let them know that not only is this bill cruel and un-American, you are outraged that they continue to assault their constituents with legislation we don’t want.

Don’t know the contact information for your members of Congress (MOC)? Here you can find your Senators (it’s a Senate bill) and your Representative can be found here.

Tell Them Who We Are


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I will preface this post: This is not political. This is about humanity, about treating people with disabilities fairly and with consideration, about valuing the lives and health of our fellow Americans.

This is about respect for our Constitution and the process it requires. This is about representational government and whether it can choose to usurp the power of the people to serve a few extremely wealthy masters.

This is as simple as right and wrong.

Today, the Senate will vote on a bill no one has seen. When I say no one has seen it, I mean the Senators themselves don’t know what is in the bill.


The Congressional Budget Office hasn’t reviewed it, as no one has reviewed it. Besides, Republicans apparently resent the CBO because it quantified the financial and human damage of previous versions of Trumpcare.

And despite strong public opposition — human opposition, not the paid propaganda voices following their paid talking points — from Americans across the political spectrum, Republicans want to push ahead and strip Americans of healthcare.

For some tax breaks for the extremely super-wealthy.

Even worse, this bill will likely alter Medicaid, the program many people with disabilities, children and adults alike, depend upon for survival. Not metaphorical survival.


What will Republicans do to Medicaid? We don’t know because no one has seen the bill. There have been no public hearings. Most of them also have no idea, but they’ll vote for it anyway.

Which is horrifying.

Please call your Senators. Now. You can find them right here. Then your Representative.

This is not how America works. We don’t let the strongest, the wealthiest feed on the most vulnerable among us. We don’t allow our values, our religious beliefs, our understanding of morality to be twisted to harm our fellow citizens.

As I said, it’s about right and wrong. The government might have some trouble telling one from the other, but we owe it to our country and fellow citizens to set it straight.

Call now.