Navigating Our Strange New World


So after much social media shaming and the attempt to deflect with a claim that shipping companies didn’t want a waiver of the Jones Act, the current regime has finally waived the Act for Puerto Rico. Ships with foreign flags and crews can finally render aid to the American territory. The Act was waived without the need for pressure in both Texas and Florida, so I’ll leave you to imagine why the continued refusals for Puerto Rico.

It appears that help is finally on the way for our fellow Americans there. And please remember the American Virgin Islands, also destroyed by hurricanes, along with most of the Caribbean. The distance to these territories of the US does not lessen our government’s responsibility to them.

And on we go.

In times like these, perspective is important. Sometimes you have to prioritize screaming at the top of your lungs until you’re heard, even if the issue doesn’t directly affect you. Sometimes it’s just not possible.

But as we navigate this Strange New World, this world where aid to Americans in grave crisis isn’t a given, we need to adjust to responsibilities we’ve never considered before. We need to balance fighting a new unstable reality with maintaining the normalcy we can.

We need to remember our obligations to other people on this planet, the obligations to care, to help, to listen, for no other reason but that we are all human. We will learn. We will grow. We will strengthen.

And perhaps this won’t last forever.

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