Have Her Cousin, Much Removed


How I’ve waited for H, wanting to hurry along the alphabet. H gives us matching pronouns (hers and his) happiness, hunger and hankering, a fun word that doesn’t tell you anything about what it means. But none of those words are why.

H, today, is for Her Cousin, Much Removed, my cozy mystery that made its debut last week, and today (April 9) and tomorrow (April 10) it’s free! Meet Venetia Shipman, former-lawyer-turned-urban gardener. When her sort-of cousin, Delenda O’Brien dies, Venetia finds herself in the middle of the investigation. And not in a good way.

Help yourself to a copy, and enjoy. It’s twisty.

cozy final cover Her Cousin, Much Removed by I. L. Wolf. Amazon for FREE. Venetia Shipman wasn’t exactly fond of her cousin(ish) Delenda O’Brien, and Delenda’s sudden death didn’t really change that, especially since it looks like Delenda was trying to frame Venetia for something. What, she doesn’t know, but now this lawyer-turned-urban-gardener is in it up to her eyeballs thanks to her, and, to make it worse, Delenda died without even returning Venetia’s platter.

Now she may never get it back.

Detective Cadby James is on the case, and while he may not be too bad looking, Venetia isn’t so sure he can solve the murder without her help. Whether he wants it or not.

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