Waiting. But for What?


Ever feel like you’re waiting for something, but you’re not exactly sure what is you’re waiting for? What’s that, hypothetical reader? You’re waiting for a grammatically correct sentence?

Prepositions, schmepositions.

It’s strange, it’s almost as though there’s something in the air, something utterly intangible, and yet it feels as though it might be soon.



I have no idea. Maybe it’s seeping edginess from coffee, maybe it’s the lingering after effects of procrastination, of going down a rabbit hole that didn’t need exploring today, while other things sit and stare at me accusingly.

Yes, editing, I’m talking to you. And nearly-finished-first-draft. Trust me, I hear you, calling to me over on my Kindle, waiting rather impatiently, if may be frank.

What’s that, hypothetical reader? You thought I was Isa-Lee?

Nice one. Probably one of the oldest jokes ever devised, as old as the word/name combo, but still, not a bad attempt at humor.

So what is it?

I haven’t the faintest idea. But I promise to share if I find out.

We’ll save the other animals for another day. I hope you enjoyed your vicarious zoo visit!

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The Prolonged Annoyance of Waiting


I hate the feeling of waiting for someone to arrive. Today, it’s a cable guy. Not because I need the cable guy, by the way, but because someone in my building is having trouble with his connection. This happens pretty regularly, they send someone around, they never find the problem, rinse and repeat.

It’s that rise of tension, waiting to hear a knock at the door, sure it will startle me anyway, even though I’m expecting it. It’s the anticipation of the interruption of what I’m doing, of my train of thought. It’s the fear that the thin filament made of inspiration and motivation will snap.

It’s the reality that I don’t like my space invaded by strangers, even friendly strangers. And the knowing it will happen anyway. And the not knowing exactly when.

I hope they’re finished soon.