#WednesdayWisdom: Whatever you’re doing, you’re still doing better than donald trump’s blog.


So apparently, given it’s low, low readership, donald trump’s blog is no more. One month of shouting into the void–though more likely one of his minions was doing the shouting in a trump mask–and it is gone.

And yet millions of us whisper into the void for years and years, undeterred. Sometimes it’s the void you want to talk to.

And sometimes an audience of a few means more than an audience of thousands.

But that’s not something anyone would expect trump to understand. No, he believed he was adored by millions, believed millions clamored to hear every “pearl” from his lips. But bots don’t read blogs.

They could visit, though. I guess he got downgraded in his follower package. He’s not as useful as he used to be.

And here’s my own little pearl, for which you are no doubt raptly waiting: no matter where you are in your project, whatever it may be, you have still made more progress than trump made with his blog. You have shown more patience; you have demonstrated more perseverance.

So go you. And have a great Wednesday.

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