Still not bloggy, but…


“A person holding up their tattooed arms in front of their face” by Drew Hays on Unsplash

I did put up my political column this morning, if you feel like a bit of my voice, though it’s not one our usual topics over here. Here’s a taste; click the link at the end if you’d like to continue.

We will have #AccountaClub and #JUkNOWuCanDoIt tomorrow, emotionally rain or shine.

I know. I want to make it all go away too.

Right about now, I don’t want to talk about politics. Right about now, I don’t want to talk about children flippantly separated from their parents, taken without proper process and apparently with no intention of return.

Right about now I want to crawl into a cozy cave lined with magically-no-calorie cakes and sweets and fluffy fluffy television and a unicorn to help me pick the shows.