#FridayThoughts: One more complaint


In a world without trump, I’d be whale watching in Iceland right now. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Far-fetched to be in a fjord thousands of miles away in a remote corner of the world.

Instead, here I sit, and meanwhile people will be losing their homes at an unthinkable rate any minute. These times are not good times.

I promised I’d stop complaining about the trip, didn’t I? So much for promises. A friend showed me pictures of her own former friends vacationing in a big group this summer, and I think it’s re-raised my hackles, bc this will never end at this rate.

Any of it.

I’m mystified by the inability of people to see cause and effect, or even to imagine a relationship between the two. Do this and that will happen. Do that and this will happen.

It’s not complicated.

It’s getting old and yet it feels like the start of something else. It’s almost as though society can’t handle all the good and progress piling on top of itself, so it collapses, time after time after time.

And here it goes again.

I can’t say I like it. I suspect I’m not alone in that feeling.

Anyway, I have the things that must be done, and I am the one to do them. You have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, whatever that looks like now.

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